A Word From Our Clients

“She has my unquestioned seal of approval”

To my long-time friend and client, I bet your phone is ringing off the hook with the face time you received in Globe Street and elsewhere recently!  After hearing about what you are going to be undertaking relative to new acquisitions, I thought it would be good if I introduced you to Susan Arrowsmith, a former Kaempfer asset manager I worked with in leasing 1150 18th Street.   Susan has owned and operated Asset Strategies for the past 15+years.  It is an agile company that provides best-in-class analyses of a building to a portfolio spread across most of the country… CLICK HERE FOR MORE

“Intense accuracy with high regard for customer service”

Since 1997, we have worked with Susan and her team, introducing them to three organizations: Criimi Mae, Allied Capital, and American Capital Strategies. The focus of Susan and her team with respect to these companies has been the respective firms’ acquisition of non-investment grade CMBS bonds. An investment in these credit sensitive instruments requires a… CLICK HERE FOR MORE


“Asset Strategies is the service provider of choice”

I am a private real estate investor with a portfolio that includes significant holdings in office, retail, multifamily, and land throughout the United States. Susan Arrowsmith has consulted with me over the past five years on existing and prospective projects to analyze value and market positioning… CLICK HERE FOR MORE


“Unique ability to quickly learn the most complicated projects”

Over the past several years, Akridge has worked closely with Asset Strategies. During this time, Susan has provided us with onsite property management services, lease administration, collections, due diligence, project management, and asset management… CLICK HERE FOR MORE


“Her energy is infectious, creating a loyal following”

We were successful because Susan created an environment that was not constricted by the normal processes. Leasing brokers became team members and not hired outsiders, proposals were customized to each tenant, our team was accountable to each other, and to the client, the tenant and their broker. We met every week and it was fun. Susan’s perspective and understanding of the value systems of each one of the customer groups was key…. CLICK HERE FOR MORE


“Experienced in all aspects of the business”

For the past four years, I have been Vice President of Acquisitions & Development for Saul Centers. Because of Susan’s outstanding performance when I was with WRIT, it has been an easy choice to repeatedly hire her to perform site inspections and prepare market studies for numerous properties we have purchased throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the country… CLICK HERE FOR MORE


“We heartily recommend Asset Strategies”

This letter attests to the outstanding work that Asset Strategies and particularly its principal, Susan Arrowsmith, performed for 3202 LLC, an entity that purchased Montrose Office Park in 2009 and converted the property into a condominium development, Tower Oaks Professional Park in 2010… CLICK HERE FOR MORE


“I highly recommend Susan and her firm”

Ms. Susan Arrowsmith of Asset Strategies has proved an invaluable resource to Millennium Bank in the management, workout and resolution of problem assets and bank “REO”. Her initiative, organizational skills, experience and vendor relations have allowed the bank to sell assets and achieve substantial internal cost savings… CLICK HERE FOR MORE


“She never seems to run out of energy”

I can attest to Susan’s ability to add value to a project under the most challenging of conditions and tightest of deadlines… CLICK HERE FOR MORE