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Welcome To Asset Strategies, LLC

Asset Strategies LLC provides commercial real estate advisory services to institutional owners nationally and internationally including acquisitions, dispositions, underwriting, repositioning, and asset management for office, retail, multi-family and hospitality assets.

Asset Strategies LLC is an all-around resource and developer of well-executed plans.  If you need a quick turnaround on a project, event or transaction, Asset Strategies offers customized solutions.

Industry News...

Due Diligence Odyssey

Due Diligence Odyssey

This week Deb Bartlett and I talked about wellness. The importance of connecting with nature during this time. Deb has a regular program taking advantage of the local hiking opportunities in the mountains in and near Salt Lake City. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE


Part 5 in our recent conversations, Deb Bartlett and I continue to look for new ideas, positive news, ideas which may be helpful to our industry, CRE. It is generally our feeling that with the tsunami of bad news, the energy released will point us in new directions. That is the American way – to pivot towards new opportunities while we make sense of, and deal with, the current realities. Let’s try make some sense of what’s going on. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE


Conversations About CRE: #propertyvaluations

Should a component of property valuation be “social” value? Or how a vibrant retail presence adds value to the buildings it’s in, as well as the neighborhood? And how is that counted in the actual underwriting of the property or neighborhood? CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE