Due Diligence Odyssey


Due Diligence OdysseyThis week Deb Bartlett and I talked about wellness. The importance of connecting with nature during this time. Deb has a regular program taking advantage of the local hiking opportunities in the mountains in and near Salt Lake City.

We also talk about work (here’s the correlation to due diligence, in case you were wondering). For all of my career, I have worked on very interesting real estate! Is that redundant?  I have, however, never brought a Costa Rican development project (with complete infrastructure and operating entities) to market. Nor have I ever brought anything to market during a pandemic.  Who is with me right now?  Should we be conferring at said project, Samasati/Samarcanda where we could breathe without masks, view the Caribbean in the distance while relaxing by the pool, and see sloths slumbering on the beams of our casita?  Ahhhhhh.  I feel better just thinking about it.  If you want to feel better, visit www.assetstrategies.us/costa-rica-resort-for-sale to see a short video for how great it is!

Fellow pandemic-weary industry colleagues, please join me and let’s take a virtual vacation. If we could design from scratch a location which provides many of the things we’re all craving right now, what would be on our lists?

  • Beautiful, pristine nature
  • Hiking in rainforests
  • Swimming in wonderfully located pools, or at breathtakingly beautiful beaches
  • Healthy foods
  • Exotic flora and fauna
  • Physical distance from COVID-related stuff

The above describe Samasati/Samarcanda … with the added benefits of accessibility through commercial or private means, hi speed wifi (if you must connect while enjoying the remote location), and like-minded people who created this oasis in the first place. The picture above shows a view of the Caribbean from the property. It is amazing!

S/S belongs to a group of people who likely have a development background, a focus on conservation and sustainability, and an appetite for the outdoors. It will definitely belong to those who are globally conservation-minded. Should you have additional questions about this project, please reach out to us. We love sharing the benefits of such a unique place!

Two apt quotes to share by John Muir and Ralph Waldo Emerson respectively:

  • The Clearest Way Into the Universe Is Through A Forest Wilderness
  • Adopt The Pace of Nature: Her Secret is Patience

Be well friends, get outside and keep breathing,

Susan & Deb

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