“Intense accuracy with high regard for customer service”


Since 1997, we have worked with Susan and her team, introducing them to three organizations: Criimi Mae, Allied Capital, and American Capital Strategies. The focus of Susan and her team with respect to these companies has been the respective firms’ acquisition of non-investment grade CMBS bonds. An investment in these credit sensitive instruments requires a significant amount of property by property due diligence. Susan and her colleagues have performed this diligence for us, underwriting and performing site inspections on real estate in more than 50 markets among product types that range from office and retail to industrial and self-storage. The geographic range of Asset Strategies’ analysis has been national – including all major U.S. markets, as well as Hawaii and Guam. Included with every assignment is an analysis of the supporting financials of the asset and credit structure of the loan.

Asset Strategies has demonstrated a consistent ability to react quickly, provide accurate analysis, and communicate concise results. By engaging Susan’s company for asset management, you will derive the benefit of seasoned real estate professionals who have an intense accuracy with high regard for customer service.

Douglas Cooper
Managing Director
American Capital

James Shevlin
American Capital

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